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At Access Signs, we understand signage's role in advertising your business and communicating your brand's identity. We offer an extensive list of graphic products, including custom commercial banners. Our experts can help design the ideal banner for your requirements, regardless of whether you want to promote an event or need one for long-term use. What sets us apart is that we work alongside you and give you complete control over the creative process. We ensure your banner matches your brand identity and meets your needs.


If you require a custom banner in Kelowna, discuss your ideas with our team. We can also provide you with vehicle wraps.


Banners have been popular with businesses for a long time. Whether advertising a new service or building your brand through visual marketing, they're an excellent way to get your message across. There are many benefits of our banners, such as:

  • Enhanced visibility: Banners give you an easy way to target your audience and send your message. People will notice the services or products on show, enhancing your business visibility.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other forms of marketing and messaging, banners are cost-effective. We can help you design beautiful and targeted banners within your budget.

  • Memorability: Often, customers and clients recall banners, especially if they include eye-catching designs. Even if potential clients don't need your services when they pass by the banner, they will probably remember your business.

  • Sturdiness: We design high-quality banners that are sturdy and long-lasting. With regular maintenance, you can even make your banner last for years.

View our portfolio to find out how we've helped others like you in the past.


We work closely with you at every step to complete your banner.

  • Consultation: We discuss your brand identity, requirements, messaging and other similar details in depth.

  • Fabrication: Our experts will manufacture your banners using high-quality materials.

  • Installation: We will install your banner with careful attention to detail.

To know more, please speak to us.


At Access Signs, we're always welcoming all customers. Don't hesitate to contact our team if you want to know more about our services or get a quote. We add value to your business and ensure the banners we provide match your business concept. We adhere to deadlines and keep the best quality.


We provide premium custom banners in Kelowna.

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