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For sale property sign


At Access Signs, we understand the value of proper signage. As a real estate agent, you want to get the attention of your clientele and communicate your message in a precise manner. Our company helps you with just that and more. We can develop an extensive range of real estate or property signs in Kelowna, to let people know that your property is available for sale. We develop entirely personalized signage to optimize your marketing. Our team fully believes that signage can make or break a sale, and we assist you in doing the former.

Most real estate signs are placed outdoors. Apart from creating stunning designs that adhere to your brand identity, we make our signage on sturdy materials for long-lasting results.

Our property signs in Kelowna will help you enhance your visibility, target potential clients and eventually increase your sales. Our signs will capture the attention of those walking or driving by the property, which will help you meet your bottom line.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about how our signs can help you. Besides this, we also provide vehicle wraps.


We're always welcoming new clients. Our experienced team will carefully assess your needs and create customized property signs in Kelowna. We offer end-to-end project management, which means we will take care of the design, fabrication and installation.

Please contact us if you'd like to get a quote. Besides this, we can also create banners.


Our property signs in Kelowna will meet your real estate business' requirements.

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